Athens is the capital of Greece, the center of an acient civilization but a modern european city at the same time.
Mostly known because of the architectural miracle, The Parthenon and all the great philosophers and scientists who lived there in the past years.
Today you can still feel the essence of these times, if you take a walk in the ancient market and the theatres or if you visit the Modern Museum of the Acropolis.

Athens might be famous for its archeological sites but it is a modern city as well.  Feel the urban vibes of the city, the enthusiasm of the local people who are always on the move, and enjoy the nightlife.
Visit the suburbs and the Athens Riviera especially in summer months when it is throbbing with people.
Athens is also an excellent base to take some short tours to the mainland.
Schedule a visit at Delphoi, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Meteora and other destinations, only a relatively short bus ride away.

Book a tour to the ancient greek temple of Parthenon, the archeological miracle that thousands of people visit and admire every year.

Next is the modern museum of Acropolis, that house more than 3,000 artefacts from pre-historic times through late aniquity.

An expert will guide you and demystify to you the importance of the ancient greek civilization.

Afterwards you can wander in the athenian neighborhoods, such as Plaka, Monastiraki, Anafiotika to take a closer look to this modern city, taste traditional greek foods and why not going for shopping.

Spend half-day and visit Athens most significant monuments.

Our day starts with a visit on the Acropolis, the great temple of Parthenon and other significant temples in the area.

Next our guide will take you to the Acropolis museum, but before that will show you around the Herodion and Dionysos theatre.

After that you can choose and visit more archeological sites like the Roman Temple of Olympian Zeus or some modern museums such as Benaki Museum, the Goulandris Museum of modern art or if you are a book-lover the National Library of Greece.

Spend the evening in athenian neighborhoods such as Plaka, Anafiotika, Koukaki etc and ask our guide to recommend you places to eat or to enjoy a drink.

Our guide will walk you through the Athenian alleys, stopping by the most significant monuments and sites of interest. You will have the chance to enjoy Athen’s vivid life and get along with the locals. Take a rest in one of the many restaurants and coffee shops and continue wandering and exploring Athenian neighborhoods such as Psirri, Plaka, Thissio, Koukaki and so many more

A whole day by the beach is what you dreamt of!

Do not forget that throughout Greece you can find amazing beaches to swim. South Athens is full of options if you wan to spend a day by the sea and feel like you are in an island.

Firstly we are going for swimming in one of the many organized beaches on the area.Then we are going to taste the greek cuisine at local restaurants.

Later in the Afternoon visit Cape Sounio,and the Poseidon’s temple. If you are up to we could enjoy the sunset as well or a walk in Varkiza.

There are so many islands located near in Athens and easy to apporach.

Spetses, Hydra, Aegina, Sifnos, Kithnos or Kea are just some of these.

Travel on a yacht to your destination to avoid full-crowded ferries and our guide will show you the best beaches to swim.Visit the attractions of the island and taste the  mediterranean cuisine at the best restaurants.

Before you go take the chance to wander in the scenery paths and take a closer look of the island.


There are many beautiful locations near Athens to choose!

Ideal destinations for one day tours just a few hours away from Athens. Nafplio, Epidavros, Chalkida and so many more.

Ask our friendly stuff to help you find the utter destination according to your needs!


Book a day in Parnitha and spend your day hiking, trekking and exploring the nature. Partnitha consists one of the most famous destinations in Attica for those who seek for alternative tourism.If you wish you can also book for an off road drive and enjoy the forestland. In the area there are many challets to enjoy a meal, hotels if you would like to spend the night there and the famous casino, Mont Parnes

Visiting Marathon, you will feel like you are on a village killometers away from Athens. But no! Marathonas is located near in Athens, and it’s an ideal destination if you wish to explore a different side of Attica.

Our Travel Agency gives you the option to choose between groups or smaller groups for your tours. If you feel you need a more relaxing way to explore Athens then find the tour that fits better for you and ask us to join you in a smaller group.

If you are not a fan of groups then do not worry! We can organise private tours or cruises based on your needs and even custom made guided tours for you.

Book a tour or ask us to organise a tour based on the sites and areas you wish to visit, in Athens.