Paros is an island in the Cyclades and its beauty exceeds all expectations. It consists of beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. The most famous beach of Paros is Punta where many people visit every year for its beautiful waters and the most famous beach bar on the island.

Santa Mary is a beautiful and enchanting beach of Paros where you can enjoy your swim and relax on the sandy beach. Kolimpithres and Monastiri are 2 beautiful beaches where one can visit either by road or by boat from the center of Naoussa, the picturesque fishing village on the north coast.

Parikia is the capital of Paros and is full of many shops for food, coffee and drink.Parikia and Naoussa are enchanting cities with beautiful narrow streets full of white and blue houses and shops to take your walk.
In Paros you can also visit its beautiful villages with warm people and get to know their traditional way of life.
Taking a ferry boat from Parikia in ten minutes you are in Antiparos, also a beautiful and quiet island very close to Paros with wonderful beaches.
You can take a day trip and explore it while you are in Paros.

Paros is the windsurfer’s paradise, of the valley of the Jersey Tiger moths of golden sandy secluded beaches with crystal clear blue water of tiny fishing harbors of the legendary Ekatontapyliani Church (Our Lady of the One Hundred Gates), of vibrant nightlife, of the cosmopolitan atmosphere, of the translucent Parian marble, the raw material for masterpieces like The Venus de Milo and Praxiteles’ Hermes; of the Myths and of the Legends.

It is similar in size and topography to Tinos Island and, like Tinos, also has an important church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Panagia Ekatontapyliani (Our Lady of 100 Doors or Gates-Photo). Thousands of pilgrims arrive on the island on the 15th of August to pay homage and celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The impressive church is situated in Parikia, and is surrounded by high, thick walls enclosing the grounds, which include a lovely garden at its entrance and an excellent museum (entrance fee required).

As with all of the larger islands, however, renting a car or bike always seems to be the best option. Paros lies just west of Naxos, the nearest island after Antiparos, and with excellent ferry connections to it.

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