A Paradise on Earth , located in Cyclades. One of the top destinations worldwide and a favorite landscape for instagrammers.
Santorini owes its beautiful scenery on a volcanic erruption that happened years before and created the famous caldera. Thousand of people all over the world visit Santorini every year just to enjoy a beautiful sunset and the breathtaking view of the island.
Santorini also has some really stunning beaches other with black sand or even red. Do not miss the chance to go for swimming in the hot springs as well.
Wander around the alleys, go for shopping, and try the local cuisine, Santorini’s viand “fava” and of course a glass of the famous wine called “Vinsanto”
Feel the island’s vibe in the bars until the first morning hours and fall in love with its atmosphere

Santorini hotels are of the highest quality. Villas on Santorini are very luxurious, and there are also a number of self-catering apartments at bargain prices. Most of them are ideally located to face the Caldera and the Aegean Sea, and almost all of them have swimming pools and romantic settlements.


Santorini restaurants and tavernas offer both International and Greek cuisine, with local sun-dried tomatoes used frequently as a basic ingredient. Please, don’ t fail to order the local Santorini wine, produced by fermentation of the “must” pressed out of grapes that have been exposed to the heat of the sun, producing a denser juice and a unique taste.


Though appearing quite small on the map, Santorini offers so much for its size … unique natural volcanic scenery, a long and rich history, an ancient and splendid Greek culture, marvellous food and Santorini wine, an ideal Mediterranean climate, outstanding accommodation with superb service, moderate prices, and friendly people who offer true Greek hospitality … all guaranteed to bring you back many times throughout the years to come.


Life on Santorini (also officially known as “Thira”) is truly a feat of accomplishment where man has challenged nature and has succeeded.  Along the side of the cliffs lie villages where the buildings have been built right into the rock of the cliffs.  They are absolutely amazing with “infinity” swimming pools, rooms literally built into the rock that are called “cave” rooms with gorgeous terraces and private balconies that jut out over the edge and offer panoramic views that your cameras will never capture.  No photo of Santorini can ever do it justice; you need to be there to see it in person in order to truly appreciate its magnificence.

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