We could say that Tinos is a hidden gem of the Aegean Sea. Mostly known for the church Panagia Evangelistra that hundred of people visit every year.

Tinos is not so popular for an outrageous nightlife but still is an island full of options.

The 50 small but full of life villages of the island and the beautiful peaceful beaches are good reasons to visit Tinos.
Wander in the alleys of Volax or  Triantaros, visit Pyrgos where the house of Giannoulis Chalepas’ is open to public or enjoy the sunset in Kardiani and Ysternia.
Go to Chora, the main town of Tinos that is always vivid, especialy the night hours.
Tinos is also known for Kolimvithra beach, that every year many surfers visit. If you don’t want to swim with the surfers then there are so many other options like Pachia Ammos, Kalyvia and Apigania, an almost hermetic beach.

As every other greek island Tinos has great food so do not forget to try the local products.

For the adventurous, there are caves to explore, mountains to climb, and opportunities to brush-up on your Greek with the friendly villagers, who are ever-willing to give directions, discuss the weather, and perhaps share a glass of their homemade raki.




If you’re looking for mass tourism and crowded beaches, then this destination is not for you. Tinos is an island for those who appreciate the old ways and lifestyle of the islanders, the authentic picturesque villages that one hopes to find on a Greek island, and the simple Greek cuisine that Greece itself is famous for. Here on Tinos, it’s back to basics.

When you first arrive to Tinos Town, you will certainly be thinking that the previous paragraph applies to a totally different island, and that we’ve made a drastic mistake in our text. Rest assured, however, that the hustle and bustle of the town does not apply to the rest of the island!

During the summer months and on the weekends, the town is throbbing with activity, primarily due to Greek visitors here to pay homage to the Holy Virgin at the famous Church of the Panagia. Unfortunately for many of them, they do not have the opportunity to visit the rest of the island, as most visitors for the Church stay only a few hours or for only one night.

During your stay, you can book excursions with us, reconfirm your return flights, hire cars/bikes, book accommodation on other islands or on the mainland, and even swap books when you run out! Our excellent staff lives year-round on Tinos and is eager to share their knowledge and love of the island with you. If you are planning to book a trip to Tinos, book it with the experts!

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