Athens, the post Olympiad center of the country, is one of the most modern and fast-developing cities of Europe, with a cultural heritage that is one of the richest in the world. The Acropolis with the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora with the Pnyx hill and Thesseion temple, the Theater of Dionysus, the Philopappus hill, the Lycabettus hill, the Andrian Arcade, not to mention the Athens Archaeological Museum, one of the finest museums worldwide, can tempt the inquisitive visitor to travel to Athens or to extend his or her stay to several weeks.
Athens accommodation and lodging are of the highest caliber, be it luxury hotels, high quality self-catering apartments, or tidy bargain-priced family owned hotels.
Eating and dining in the capital is as diverse as the country itself. Throughout the city and its suburbs, you will find Italian, Chinese, Asian, and just about every other cuisine imaginable. Of course, good Greek cuisine should be one of the highlights of your trip. Good olive oil, fresh vegetables, Feta cheese, yoghurt, and bread fresh from the baker are just a few of the staples of the Greek diet. And beautiful, rich honey somehow usually finds its way to the top or bottom of most Greek desserts! Since Greece has a large agricultural base and a lively fishing industry, fresh meat and fish are always featured as the main entrée. Most restaurants in Athens offer both International and Greek cuisine at a wide range of prices. But, experience has shown that one can get the most delicious Greek food, at bargain prices, at out-of-the-way, back street Athenian restaurants, where the locals tend to eat.
Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the glorious “souvlaki” that has kept body and soul together for generations of low-budget international visitors and Greeks alike! Just remember, you always eat at least two! For a bit of variety, have one with tsatziki sauce and the other with mustard.

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