Welcome to Milos the most lunar beauty in the world. Milos is an island in the Cyclades with impressive beaches, a popular destination for romantic and quiet holidays.
Due to its volcanic geomorphology, it has impressive lunar landscapes, where many couples and not only, have the opportunity to enjoy their visit to this beautiful, calm and romantic island.
Milos has over 90 beaches and picturesque villages that are ideal for walks between the white and blue houses.One of the most famous beaches of Milos is Kleftiko Beach. Ideal for swimming in its paradise waters and for exploring its many caves.Sarakiniko beach has the most enchanting white rocks and turquoise crystal clear waters. Tsigrado is another beach whose beauty is difficult to describe in simple words.
It is a creek with fine sand, blue waters and many caves. Some consider it the best beach of Milos.These and many more beaches such as Paleochori, Provatas, Papafragas, Fyriplaka will impress you and will fill your vacation with enchanting memories.
Milos also has many beautiful picturesque villages which are worth visiting and getting to know the way of life of the inhabitants of the island. Do not hesitate to try the traditional recipes of the island. They are very tasty but also made with love.

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